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www.mycompanydir.com helps you to find the company / LLP master records in simplest form with additional user generated data. Our database provides the Company / LLP information like Registration CIN number, Date, Business Activities, Paid up capital, etc from the records. Its important to know the background and authenticity of the business of the firm before getting into the agreement or relationship, hence we provide the opportunity to each and every individual to rate the individual limited company / LLP to rate the company based on their experience. Their experience may include employment, Customer, Supplier, Vendor, Transporter, Government official, etc. These reviews by the individual and companies will help us to know the fundamental and worthiness of the company.

www.mycompanydir.com provides the opportunity to each and every registered LLP / Limited companies to post the Free Ad / their product list Business description, Post additional information, update contact info , update director info to enhance the business performance. Please note that, this service comes absolutely free of cost for the benefit of each other.

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You can post the feedback and comments about the individual company in the comments section provided at the bottom of the page in against each company link. Please note that www.mycompanydir.com, will review all the comments and moderate accordingly, You cant post any abusive or Spam comments in our website. All such comments are moved to Spam to account will be blocked with immediate effect. Www.mycomapnydir.com website is being used my millions of customers around India for the master data search and to know the profile of the LLP / Limited company, If you would like to Own your company page and improve the content in the site with correct data, please contact us in the comment section. Owning your LLP / limited company in www.mycompanydir.com is free of cost, So please use this opportunity to improve the business performance.

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