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Find the list of directors for the Limited liability partnership / Private / Public limited / OPC ( One person company) based on the registration details and company master records. The list of directors and Company secretary information is essential part of information to know for the interested parties. We provide only basic information like Date of Appointment, Digital signature validity and the list of companies served / active.

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  • Full name of the director of the company
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  • DIN - Director Identification number as per the directors list
  • Date of Appointment as director / designated Partner

Directors of the Company / LLP

Directors of the companies are very essential role to play, who should ensure the compliance to the law and work towards the betterment of the organization and people. Director often review and improve the business performance based on the assigned responsibilities without favor and fear. Only individuals are fit into the role of directors not any body or group representation as one director. There are two kinds of director works in the company, one is Executive director likely Managing director / whole time director, other type of directors are Non-Executive director includes Independent director and nominee director.

The Companies act doesn't mention any age limit on a person to become the director of the company, but earlier companies act mentions the age limit from 21 to 70 years. The higher limit on the age can be increased based on the share holders approval.

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Please note that, we respect the privacy of Individual and law of the land, hence we don't provide any personal information of the director and his associates / Company Secretaries in any form.

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