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Find the Company / corporate information for millions of companies registered in India. We provide Basic registration information about Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ), Private , Public Limited company database based on the search results. If you would like to search any MCA registration data, then type the name of the LLP / Limited in the search box, then click on the search company button, then you should get the all essential information about LLP / Limited companies. provides the details like CIN number, REgistration details, ROC location, Business activities, Area of operation, Class of the company, Share details of the company, list of directors in the company, Last e file status of the LLP / Company, Status of the company like Active / Strike off, Activity code, etc. provides the basic essential information about the company as per the registration records, Reviews by the employees, customers, Vendors, suppliers based on their experience in the comments / feedback section. Our website has unique database of Individual company review by the employees, suppliers and customers to elaborate about the trustiness of the LLP / Private Limited company. Users can also post the Customer complaint and product quality, disputes and issues faced by them. These informations are user driven and published against each customer name. doesn't own any of the such data published in the website about LLP / Private limited companies. We also have millions of LLP / Private limited company records in our database, if you would like to have some information about any LLP / Private Limited, you can contact us through Comments section / contact form. We will respond to you based on the validity of the request and need for the same.

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List of Activities Performed by the companies and business activity model

Employee's Review about the Company about Work ambient / Salary

Employee's Pay structure / Employee Welfare / ESI / EPF eligibility status

Customers Review and rating about the Company Performance / Quality

Suppliers / Vendors rating and review about the company / LLP performance

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When you find any corporation information in in the "Search company " menu, We provide following information in the tabulated column. We also Provide the detailed company profile, registered office address, Contact Phone number, Email Id, Financial Performance about the firm, Positive / Negative reviews about the company from their employees, Customers, Suppliers / Vendors / Other Social team.

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  • CIN Number / Corporate Identification number as Per the Registry
  • Limited / LLP ( Limited liability Partnership )
  • Date, Month, Year of Registration / Age of the company
  • ROC / Registration Center information
  • Job Description of the Company / List of business activities by the firm
  • Registered office address
  • Status of the company like Active / Strike off / Dormant

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You can also download Limited Liability Partnership / ( Private / Public ) Limited company database for the list of companies registered in our master records. Based on the data you can get the complete history of the company / LLP.

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Any one can find the Google map location of the LLP / Private limited company in our website by clicking the location tab near your search results. also shares the email ID, Contact address, Communication address, Registered corporate address of Limited liability Partnership / Private public companies in India. The Official Phone number / facebook / twitter pages of the Company is available for reference in is the master of database for LLP / limited companies registered in the country, If you would like to retrieve more information about any firm beyond MCA registration, here are the solution. We provide corporate data and detailed report about any individual Limited Liability Partnership / limited company from any ROC in India based on the user reviews / Comments / feedback / rating / and opinion. Please note that the company details provided here are registration information available with MCA, Further updation and strike off details are not available here and someone has to fund such company information only in MCA websites. We also request employees, customers to write the review about the individual company based on your pure experience and facts. Please lets not use this review option to damage company image / harm the well name of the Private Limited company or Limited liability partnership firm.

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