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Company / Corporate information are very essential for the business activities of customers and vendors. Performance reviews of the companies are very important for the employees and also new entrants of the company, provides the opportunity to find the details of the company and reviews from the customers, vendors and employees.

Also provides the Company / Corporate registration information such as, Name of the organization, Corporate Identity Number ( CIN ), ROC Code, Company Registration number, Main Category of the firm, Sub Category, Capital amount funded, corporate or office Address, Incorporation particulars including address and current status of the company ( Exist or not ). Here in, you can search for company info for any registered firm / LLP in India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. We provide this information only for the public knowledge.

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  • CIN - Corporate Identity Number for registered companies / corporates
  • Full Company Name - as registered
  • ROC code
  • Registration Number / Regno of an corporate
  • Category & sub category of registered company
  • Private or Public company
  • Listed or unlisted company
  • Company Formation or incorporated date
  • Email Id of the company
  • Address and contact details of the corporate or company
  • The State and city information including Pincode
  • List of Directors for the company
  • Directors designation and active status
  • Duration or period of company appointment / directorship
  • Status of Director Certificate Status

Information about Registration and its associated data

CIN stands for Corporate Identity Number code, which is a 21 digits unique alpha-numeric code issued to each company / LLP for identification and maintenance. This CIN code is used to track the account details in corporate affairs only in India. Very first character of CIN denotes the Listing Status of the company and next 5 numeric digits denotes the Industry specific number, then next 2 alphabets indicates the state of the Indian country, then next 4 numeric digits indicates the Year of establishment of the firm, then Next 3 alphabets show the category or Classification of the company and last 6 numeric digits points the registration Number corporate registered in India.
Similarly, DIN is allocated by the government / corporate affairs for the directors of the company. DIN is the unique identification number issued to track the individual directors. Individual director can serve in many companies under same DIN with different director responsibilities. We provide very basic information about the Director and we don't share their personal details and individual information because it affects their privacy.